Do you have questions about moving out? Please ready our frequently asked questions below and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office at (760) 365-0800.

No. Security deposits are used to cover any cleaning or damages, if any when you move out.

It is the goal of Sheric Property Mgmt that you receive 100% of your deposit back. We post information on this website in order to better educate you so this is possible. If you receive 100% of the deposit back that means you returned the home back to your landlord in the condition as expected according to your lease. This also means the home is available for the next tenant with as little work as possible. The three most important things to start out with:

1) Turn in proper 30-day-notice

2) Make sure all rent is paid in full

3) Provide a forwarding address

Once you turn in proper notice you will receive instructions on what you can do to maximize the opportunity to receive 100% of your deposit back after you leave.

Proper notice means you fill out a written 30-day notice, provided at our office or the link below. Proper notice will have the following filled out properly:
Notice to Vacate

1) The date you intend to surrender the property. Surrender means turning in all keys and other access devices (garage door remotes)

2) The names of the tenants on your lease

3) The address of the property

4) Forwarding address

If there is no date of when you will surrender the property we do not have proper notice.

Most leases require you to pay for the full term of the lease even if you leave early. Please read your lease for the exceptions. The specific requirements of the exceptions may change as the laws change, but the exceptions are generally:

1) You receive military change of station orders, in which case there are specific obligations. You must present the change orders to our office and you must provide a written 30-day notice.

If you do not qualify under this exception then expect to pay the full term of your lease until the property is rented.

All outstanding balances are reported to collections and you may be liable for all expenses related to collecting any past due debts.

The lease requires you to do more then just pay your rent, so if the landlord has to pay to have someone do something you were required to do, then you must reimburse the landlord. The landlord cannot charge you for expenses related to “normal wear and tear”. Normal wear and tear is measured against 1) how long should a thing normally last and 2) what was the intended use.

Example: The lease states that all tenants that have carpet in their home, must get them professionally cleaned upon vacating the premises. You must also provide a copy of the receipt to the office for proof.

The most common deductions are for:

1) Cleaning. Your lease requires you to keep the house clean and to leave it clean. If it is not left clean then the landlord will hire someone to finish the cleaning and the expense will be assessed back to your account.

2) Missing garage door remotes or keys to the premises. These costs can be larger then you might think. If a garage door remote is missing then the landlord has to pay someone to deliver and program a new remote.

Remember your obligations are to reimburse the landlord for the damages they suffer and damages are generally any bills the landlord pays to restore the property back to the way it was when you moved in to the home.

A Move-out Inspection is completed after you leave the property. The inspection results are compared with the condition of the property when you moved in as noted in the Move-in inspection you completed when you took possession of the house.

Our office will provide you with an itemized statement of the deposit and any monies owed twenty one days after you surrender the property. The commitment is to send this information in the mail no later then twenty one days after you leave, so you may not actually receive it for a few more days after this. If you have deductions which exceed your deposit you will receive a statement of the amount you owe, if this happens please pay promptly in order to avoid collections procedures and expenses.

Unfortunately errors can occur. If you find something you feel you should not have been charged for in your itemized statement please submit a letter in writing indicating which items you feel have be wrongly deducted from your deposit. It normally takes 10-15 work days to complete the review and we may need to ask you additional questions while we do our research. When you send in your issue please include all relevant information including good phone numbers to contact you.



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